It's all about relaxation and inspiration

A little about us and why we offer subscription boxes!

A lifestyle box celebrating you and promoting guiltless "self-care"! 

As I was reflecting late one evening, I had an arresting thought that soon became a question and then a challenge.    How can I help women take a little time out of their busy schedules to celebrate themselves? No huge fanfare, just a few moments to relax, refresh and revive - so bathBLISSbox was conceived and given life.  

We want every woman to  experience joy, laughter and inspiration where she is the intentional target!   Our bathBLISSbox is about more than a bath.  It's our way of promoting a healthy, flouring stress-free lifestyle,  That's why each box includes encouraging and thought-provoking messages.  

The luxury bath and body products and accessories will assist in helping you create special "me- time" moments.