Starting at $46.95/monthly

 A Bath, Body and Mind Awakening 

More than a bath!  We specialize in helping women celebrate themselves by creating the ultimate “me time” experience.  It's also a way to honor other women with a gift that matters.  

Take time to refresh with our Shea butter enriched products, signature French milled soaps, specialty hand-cut bars, aromatherapy candles along with inspiring notes and motivating messages. 

Each box includes premium “made in USA” and European products to help revive the spirit – soul – body!    

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"bathBLISSbox" for Discerning Women 

Choose products created from the finest ingredients to ensure a premium bath and body experience.   Get wholesome, nourishing products to help promote congruence and balance in body and soul.   Enjoy high-quality items made from natural and raw materials for a luxury bath. Take advantage of an opportunity to reflect on the special notes included to stimulate and celebrate your spirit!


How often will I get this box?

Every month  you'll receive the greatest bath in a box delivered to your door.

When will my box ship?

Orders placed for the current month will be shipped between the 8-12th of the next month,  or the following business day, if the projected shipment date is a holiday, or as otherwise indicated in your Account. Please note, if your account is placed on a billing hold, you will be subject to further shipping delays. Your “Subscription” section in your Account will initially display that the tracking information for your box is "processing" while your order is processing. When your box ships out, the "processing" message on your account settings will update to reflect your tracking information. You will also receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow your package's progress. Please note that while we do our best to maintain the projected shipment date, shipments may be delayed as a result of vendor issues, emergencies, severe weather, natural disaster, strikes, acts of government authorities, or other factors beyond bathBLISSbox's reasonable control.     

When is my subscription renewal date?

Subscription renewals (billing) are on the 15th of the month. NOTE: Each billing represents payment for the upcoming box. 

How much is a subscription?

Your subscription is $46.95/monthly with FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA.   NOTE: A one-time GIFT box (non-subscription) is available for $54.95 (includes a "bonus gift") with FREE shipping to anywhere in the US.

When will my one-time gift box ship?

 One-time GIFT:  Want to give to a friend, associate or family member? You have a choice of purchasing a one-time GIFT box (non-subscription) with FREE shipping to anywhere in the US. Our one-time(non-reoccurring)   NOTE: One-time Gift boxes ship within 5 - 7 days after the order is placed.   However, Subscription Boxes selected as  a gift, will follow the Subscription Box shipping schedule.

How much is a one-time gift box?

A one-time GIFT box (non-subscription) is available for $54.95 with FREE shipping to anywhere in the US - it includes a "bonus gift".   

What's in the box?  

Premium bath and body items; Shea butter enriched products; signature French milled soaps; specialty hand-cut bars and aromatherapy candles. Each box will include “made in America” and European products. Uplifting notes tucked in each box to inspire and celebrate you!

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Currently, we are only shipping within the USA.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?   

You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number when your order is shipped.

What if I didn't receive my order?

If you did not receive your box please email us at customercare@bathblissbox.com and we will be glad to assist you in resolving the issue.  If the box wasn't received due to our shipping error we will resend it immediately.   If  your subscription box is returned to us because of an incorrect or invalid mailing address due to your error, there are two options:   We can issue you a refund for the box that was not received, minus shipping ($9.50) plus handling fee ($4.95) or;  we can ship your subscription to your corrected address after you pay the shipping ($9.50) plus ($4.95) handling fee for us to resend your box.  Future boxes with the correct address will NOT incur a shipping or handling fee.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We would be sad to see you go, however, if you want to cancel your subscription with us, please log into your Account.  Then click on "Edit" under your subscriptions, then click "Cancel".   There is no fee to cancel. 

Month-to-month subscriptions can be canceled during the subscription period, but only after receipt of the first month’s box.   If you would like to cancel your month-to-month subscription after receiving the first box, then make sure to do so before the 15th of the month prior to receiving your next box; otherwise you will continue to be billed for the following month’s box. There are no cancellation fees.

Subscriptions for more than one month (e.g., 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions) cannot be canceled during the subscription period. There are no cancellation fees. Please note, cancelling your subscription will disable the auto-renewal feature on your account, but will not affect your current order. For example, if you have a 3-month subscription, you will still receive all three boxes but no additional boxes.   Subscriptions for more than 1 month are prepaid until the month indicated on your Account and are Nonrefundable. 

Canceling your subscription before the 15th of the month indicated on your Account will stop any further credit card charges for the next subscription period - for example, if you selected a 3 month subscription, the 3 months will be fulfilled however the next 3 months will not be charged.  If you have questions, please contact us at barbara@bathBLISSbox.com.