What's Inside?

An assortment of fine bath & body treats plus a bonus

Incredible Bliss 

An amazing box filled with unique, refined bath & body products delivered to your door monthly.  Includes curated luxury hand-cut soaps, bath bombs, candles, bath salts and more.  Made in the USA and European products. 

Your box helps you create an at-home-spa time of relaxation. 


Makes the perfect gift

A gift that's delivered right to the door as a one-time "surprise box" to a friend, neighbor, colleague or associate.  

It's a way for women to support each other. She will thank you! 

Your gift will promote relaxation, encourage dream building and inspire others to do the same. 


Need more reasons to sign up?

It's time to give yourself a little personal attention.  Relaxation and your well-being is of utmost important.  

You can create a place of serenity and reflection in the comfort of your home.  An experience that every woman deserves.  We invite you to create memorable, precious moments with our bathBLISSbox!